Bitnomial Documentation

Clearing Firms

A list of Clearing Firm Members for Bitnomial


Methods for connecting to the Exchange.

Direct Market Access

Establish a direct connect to the exchange over secure VPN or VPC Peering.

Bitnomial Transfer Protocol

Binary protocol specification for efficient communication directly with the Exchange.

Login Protocol

Login binary protocol specification.

Market State Protocol

Market state binary protocol specification.

Order Entry Protocol

Order entry binary protocol specification.

Order Entry Risk Management

Futures product specifications.

Pricefeed Protocol

Market data binary protocol specification.

Drop Copy Protocol

Drop copy binary protocol specification.

Block Trades

Block Trade Overview

Common FIX Messages

Common FIX messages used in the Bitnomial dropcopy and pricefeed FIX protocols

FIX Dropcopy Protocol

Dropcopy FIX protocol specification.

Exchange HTTP API

Exchange HTTP API

Bitnomial Customer Roles

Customer Roles and Capabilities

Product Specifications

Futures & Options Product specifications.

Holiday Calendar

Bitnomial Holiday Calendar.

Scheduled Maintenance Period

Bitnomial Scheduled Maintenance Period

Upcoming Changes

Upcoming changes to Bitnomial Exchange