Bitcoin Derivatives Exchange

Trade the Bitcoin Complex ™ — Deliverable and Margined Bitcoin Futures and Options

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Derivatives Exchange


Name Price Change Volume

Physically Settled

Trades result in an actual exchange of fiat and digital assets

US CFTC Regulated

US CFTC Regulated

Overseen by the CFTC in a globally trusted jurisdiction

Margined & Cleared

Margined & Cleared

Trade on margin backed by an FCM at a US CCP

Margined & Cleared

Tax Benefits

Blended 60% long term, 40% short term US capital gains treatment*

Exchange Connectivity


CQG is an industry leading trading and historical market data platform with support for spot and futures on a single screen.
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Bitnomial offers a custom binary protocol for efficient and low latency direct market access to trade and receive market data directly with the exchange.
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