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On the FX desk of Allston Trading, Luke witnessed first-hand as the markets sought a safe haven from global economic uncertainty. Investors piled into the Swiss Franc causing its value to soar and impair Swiss exports. The Franc-Euro peg and subsequent unpeg caused even further economic turmoil.


Bitnomial was founded with the belief that Bitcoin offers a better alternative financial foundation and that futures provide ideal access to this nascent market. Bitnomial is built on a vision of a new and open global economy based on digital assets and Bitnomial strives to build the market infrastructure for this new economy.


Bitnomial filed an application with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to operate an exchange, formally known as a Designated Contract Market (DCM), for deliverable digital asset derivatives.


Luke Hoersten

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Hoersten was previously a Managing Partner at Allston Trading, LLC where he was Head of Core Technology and served in a variety of leadership roles from Head of Infrastructure to Head of Equities and Options Trading Technology.

Matthew Wraith

Director of Information Technology

Mr. Wraith was previously Co-founder and CTO of PeerTrader, an SEC Registered Investment Adviser trading and portfolio management platform for peer-to-peer debt. Prior to PeerTrader, Mr. Wraith was with CameronGroup where he built trading system and enterprise testing and assurance software.

Michael Dunn

Director of Market Operations & Surveillance

Mr. Dunn was previously Head of the Global Market Making Group at Allston Trading, LLC. Prior to global market making, Mr. Dunn was Head of Operations for the Global Equities Group and a member of the Trading Operations and Risk team.

James Walsh

Chief Regulatory Officer

Mr. Walsh was previously with the Regulatory and Compliance Divisions at Cboe Global Markets, Inc. Prior to earning his law degree, Mr. Walsh traded financial and agricultural futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Inc. floor. Mr. Walsh is a member of the Illinois Bar.

Joseph Pensinger

Chief Risk Officer

Mr. Pensinger was previously a Managing Partner at Allston Trading, LLC where he led firm-wide trading operations, was head of multiple trading desks, a member of the Audit Committee, and chaired the Operating Committee.


Peter Nabicht

Public Director

Mr. Nabicht is currently Head of Electronic Market Development at Tradeweb Markets LLC. Previously Executive Vice President of Business Development at Allston Trading, LLC.

Thomas J. Anderson

Public Director

Mr. Anderson is currently Senior Vice President at ADM Investor Services, Inc. in Accounting, Compliance, Risk and Treasury. Previously CFO at Allston Trading, LLC. EVP/CFO at R.J. O'Brien and Associates, LLC. Group Treasurer at Newedge. Group COO & CFO at Calyon Financial. CFO at Lind-Waldock.